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City of Trebišov is situated in the area of Eastern-Slovak plain, which is, following the high rate of unemployment and absence of work opportunities in industrial sector, classified as the locality with the possibility to gain the investment impulses for investors for establishing the production activities. Industrial park is situated in tributary area of districts of Trebišov, Vranov nad Topľou, Michalovce, which create sufficient supply of labour force. Nowadays the number of registered unemployed citizens is 30 thousand inhabitants together for three districts.  


City of Trebišov has its developed infrastructure with public administration, available specialized health services and network of health services providers, elementary and secondary technical schools, high school, sport areas - ice hockey stadium, sport hall, football stadium, in-door out-door swimming pool. In the city there is cultural monument - manor-house of count Andrássy, mausoleum of Julius Andrássy, city park which is connected with meadow forest and offers the possibility for bicycle tours to river Ondava. District of Trebišov has significant potential in the area of tourism development especially in the wine area - Tokay wine route.

In the area of cross-border cooperation there is big potential for development of trade activities with Hungary and Ukraine.

District of Trebišov has 103 thousand inhabitants, 70% of them are of Slovak nationality,  30% represent national minorities. City of Trebišov has 23 thousand inhabitants. Representation of inhabitants in productive age represents 60% of total number of population. This ratio of representation is identical also within the districts of Vranov nad Topľou and Michalovce.

Inhabitants employed in the industry create 19,8% from total number of employed inhabitants in district of Trebišov. Average monthly salary in district of Trebišov is about the level of 365,13 € / 11 thousand SKK.
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